Wellness light

Wellness, light therapy and relaxation. These are the keywords at the centre of attention of beauty parlours and spa salons. I.SO Italia, the Italian leader in the production of solariums, sunbeds, booths, tanning lamps and beauty treatment equipment, knows this. To put the concept of light wellness under the spotlight, I.SO Italia decided to commission spa designer Simone Micheli to create LUXo, a new tanning module that also captures the spirit of wellness and lightness of light itself: absolute perfection in light wellness.

Sunshine comfortably within reach at any moment. LUXo has unique characteristics that bring magic to every moment dedicated to light wellness, transforming it into an enjoyable experience of relaxation, enhanced by a special aroma diffuser that I.SO Italia decided to incorporate into the module, allowing tanning to move beyond the rigid limits of the usual market offer.

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