Tanning lamp design

Design: a tanning lamp or an emotional element? Frequent clients of beauty centres and tanning enthusiasts are increasingly looking for something that goes beyond an ordinary tanning visit, combining their desire for a healthy tan with the need to enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation. The design of a tanning lamp is therefore essential to allow it to perfectly match the exclusive settings created by the best wellness centres, where the aim is to offer tanning lamps that are not only safe and efficient, but are also able to evoke the perception of specific values of attraction and appeal with their fine design, to match and enhance the tanning experience.

The ideal complement for every architect, today the design of tanning lamps must explore innovative visual solutions capable of exploiting the vast potential offered by the new technologies that are now available.

In response to these needs, I.SO Italia has launched the new LUXo tanning module on the market, more than a simple tanning lamp and revolutionary in its versatility and design.

LUXo tanning modules are the ideal solution for all tanning enthusiasts who demand only the very best from their appointment with wellness and tanning.

Want more information about our LUXo tanning modules? Ask for full details now!

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