Spa furnishings

Furnishings for spas and wellness centres. In a sector where beauty and care for the appearance are at the centre of every activity, insisting on elegant and comfortable furnishings becomes a priority to be followed with great attention. This is why I.SO Italia, together with designer Simone Micheli, has launched a new product on the market, to offer high levels of technical performance and to satisfy the demand for attractive spa centre furnishings. LUXo is the new I.SO Italia tanning module that even in its name offers a direct association with the lightness and luminosity of beams of light. LUXo has unique characteristics, combining the power of I.SO Italia Evolution Light lamps with versatility and extremely compact dimensions. These special features make LUXo extremely versatile, suitable for wide range of spa furnishing needs and offering dynamic new solutions of d├ęcor and use.

Beauty centres, tanning centres and wellness centres will certainly find a tanning module designed to exceed the expectations for a simple tanning lamp to be of great interest, blending perfectly into spa furnishings to enhance their visual appeal and functionality.

Want more information about LUXo tanning modules? Ask us for full details!

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