Spa furnishing solarium

A furnishing solarium for a spa centre must satisfy the expectations of a sophisticated and demanding user target that asks for more than just a simple appointment with indoor tanning from a wellness centre. The perception of an environment that can give devoted followers of wellbeing a valid response for their expectations can be found in a spa furnishing solarium, capable of arousing the emotions and fitting transparently into the design of the centre.

To cater for these needs and to offer an avant-garde product, I.SO Italia and designer Simone Micheli have launched the new LUXo tanning module on the beauty market. LUXo is nothing less than an authentic spa furnishing solarium, uniting the power of the best tanning lamps with an object that has an attractive appearance even when not in use.

White, customizable, and with a chromed interior and mirror filters, LUXo excels in the field of spa furnishing solariums for its essential elegance, giving the indoor tanning experience an up-to-date and contemporary aesthetic perception.

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