SPA design

Spa design and the creation of the perfect setting to satisfy high expectations of wellness and relaxation are fundamental elements in the success of any wellness business. Following this philosophy, I.SO Italia, the famous producer of tanning lamps and solariums, working in collaboration with spa design expert Simone Micheli, has developed a new product that fully meets this target. This innovative item of spa equipment has been given the appealing name of LUXo, a modular tanning module that in addition to guaranteeing the power of Light Evolution lamps is also a perfect match for all d├ęcor and furnishing solutions with its elegant and essential design.

Modular, flexible, and ethical on account of the economy of the materials used in its constructions, LUXo tanning modules from I.SO Italia are necessary solutions for all centres dedicated to wellness aiming to offer their clients spa design of the same excellence as the services provided.

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