Simone Micheli

Simone Micheli is one of Italy’s most celebrated interior designers. Architectural design, contract work, interior design, exhibits and visual design are just some of the skills he has courageously explored for many years with his studio, appropriately called "Simone Micheli Architectural Hero". Micheli has put his signature to innumerable architectural projects, and has designed interior elements and spaces capable of blending the needs of contract and domestic design with surprising and versatile inspirations.

The latest challenge offered to Micheli by I.SO Italia was to design a new tanning module capable of revolutionizing the canons of style for beauty salons and tanning centres. The new product, intended for spas and beauty centres of great prestige, was baptized LUXo, a name capable of instantly evoking a vision of exclusivity, warmth and lightness of appearance and form. Micheli’s new creation for the tanning world is able to arouse emotions and alter the values normally acknowledged by the tanning lamp sector.

A contemporary mood, simplicity and eco-sustainability are the focal points of a design that aims to achieve lightness even in the use of a lower quantity of materials than in the past, contributing in the creation of a new value of visual appeal more closely linked to the needs and expectations of our present times.

Do you want to find out more about Simone Micheli’s new tanning module? Contact us for full details!

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