Beauty centre furnishings

The quality and professionalism of beauty and wellness centres are also judged by the type of environment they are able to create with their design and furnishings. It is fundamental therefore for beauty centres and wellness salons to choose equipment that is not only functional but also attractive. To cater for the needs of clients who demand only the very best from beauty centre furnishings, I.SO Italia has developed the new LUXo tanning module, which combines the quality and power of the best I.SO Italia lamps with the elegant and essential design required by modern and contemporary beauty centres.

The aim of the LUXo tanning module is to revolutionize the image of beauty centre furnishings, still closely linked to the old stereotypes of tanning centres, sweeping away the obsolete concepts of the conventional products commonly available. In a few words, LUXo is a genuine innovation in the furnishing of beauty centres wishing to offer advanced services.

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